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are business men who believe in the science far more than

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and the stitches tied, without the need of anesthesia to intro-

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On going over the reports which were kept of his progress during the

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infection, and therefore, silk is the only suture material applicable

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riologists were unable to find a micro-organism not

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requires the utmost care and judgment, and even then a considerable

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and posterior wall of the vagina. It acts just as a pair

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years, with at the most a five-months' term in each.

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may occur from mere inflammation of the pleura. Anasarca may be

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thin, delicate membrane, forming in its ramifications

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part produces all the mechanical eftects of a tumour, and this is the reason

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years I felt that I should not be justified in sanctioning the opera-

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indurated sore upon the finger leads to enlargement of glands in the axilla,

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tion. There is indication of nervous tension in the

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open sore is formed, producing pus in any quantity, or where

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a Sunday, plus the time spent in training, to be ready to serve the suffering

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apparently they have not yet been demonstrated in human nervous

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sons, a free laceration of the capsule is avoided by the

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though her hands became cold and her face pale, the pulse frequency

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The circulation is maintained by the combined power of the heart and blood vessels ; and the

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Such an attempt upon life is naturally alarming, and it was to

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Microscopically, a considerable number of pycnotic cells were found in these

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Jackson, of Boston, related the history of the case, that

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Surgery, Navy Department, and ordered to the Naval Museum of

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be washed with 0.9 per cent, salt solution and finally suspended in

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others have repeatedly observed them in the choroid plexus. Berg-