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ungs with gas from putrefaction cannot be easily overlooked or mistaken for
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it is one of importance in relation to other departments of surgery; but if it
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Mrs. A., aged 25 years, pulse 150, pressure 160mm. (5cm-)
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Fracture of the Collar Bone. — In fracture of the collar
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manner. The result in this case was not satisfactory. It was
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Eemain Unshaken. Changes Effected in Consequence. Comparison of
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beneath the integument and in any part of the body containing more or
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only further stages in growth of certain Cercarise. This important fact
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in honor of Dr. J. N. McCormack, of Bowling Green, Ky., November 18, 1904.
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who are not familiar with the affection, who have learned its habits
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avoided, as it is proved in animal experimentation that this exerts a
Case VII. Suvimary. — Headache, diplopia, ptosis, drowsiness,
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sonable in life, burn the candle at both ends, and care not for her warn-
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which, in other academies, sounds but once, at the opening of the ses-
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much smaller when the patient lies upon the side on which he has
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stand at the lowest level of the degenerate class. The
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consciousness and speech, his countenance was extremely anxious, and he
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in a brief series of 100 cases we can find such a record
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Dr. Sherwell still held to his view. He spoke of the difficulty of
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The treatment by compression was adopted by Sir Charles Bdl at
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escape of pus into' peritoneal cavity. In circumscribed peritonitis,
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parts irregular, thick, softer than natural, and at the same time more or
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that the sensory centres are localised in the same region.
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sand dollars and tacked the state farm on the land of the Norwich
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many other mineral substances were likewise known to them, of all of which
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performed on inorganic matter belittles the profession of
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hereditary factors are not identical with the inter-
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very small. Their greatest effect presumably follows full dos-
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the enhanced pneumonia mortality altogether to "grip''
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" 3. Tliat these phenomena are those of excito-motory or reflex
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1 cm. to 1.5 cm. from the anus, there were found glands of the type of sweat-
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tient's life being despaired of. The trouble was attributed to a
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arouse from our lethargy, be true men, faithful physicians, and ardent
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to cool the heat of small-pox and other eruptive or rheumatic levers,
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that dependent on lesion of the corpus striatum. The face and tongue
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rapidity with which the dyspnoea comes on, and the suddenness
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Sec. 6. The Honorary Fellows shall consist of such physicians as have
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only matter in which figures seem to demonstrate the
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artery, in Scarpa's space. The patient made an excellent recovery, but there
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grease recovered may amount to from 1 to 3 per cent, and the market-
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nails. The basin of one-to-twenty is then held during the oper-