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advance, $3,50 after threa months, and $4,00 If not paid within the yeu.^Every M^enthcopf, gratia*

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table, and that morning he arose as usual and kindled the

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filters were used to ensure an active filtrate, since the tumor-producing agent is

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Anatomical and Clinical Notes. — The principal changes

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1903, directing Contract Surgeon Joseph W. Reddy to proceed to

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was simply a mass of diseased tissue in the fauces, which pre-

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extended by the interossei and lumbricales if the wrist and proximal phalanges

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Among the white corpuscles we note various shapes. There are

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ment of Tulane University, New Orleans, on account of ill

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{sfatiis eclampticus — ^Lewis). The attack may come on suddenly, or, as is

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don, who has made a report on the subject to the Medi-

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power of curdling milk, and of producing indol by its

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character. The area supplied by the affected nerve is gener-

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diarrhoea curve, rather than taking the flies by themselves. It was the very

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blown in over the suppurating surface ; the meatus is then closed with salicylic,

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formed a plastic operation for the cure of pendulous

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what has been done in the way of prevention. The two

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drawn :— 1st, that this child was born capable of living, and probably lived ]

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or regular proportion of sanguineous fluid in the vessels of a sound

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Correcting the whole error of refraction, and the necessity

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Galvani, aided by his nephew, Aldini, produced contractions without the aid of any metal

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" This was a rapid case, and from the very first exhibited a strongly

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opment being in advance of increase in size. 2. At 12 years of

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of the glycerinated cord of Monkey 8 was infected into Monkey 6 (A

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used. It remains to be determined in how large a proportion of cases tetanus

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than two and a half inches from the margin of the anus, and

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