Possible Side Effects Of Zocor

light, that there was some deafness in the right ear and that all deep reflexes
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pressure of the exudation upon the inhibitory fibres at their entrance
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will indulge in no gymnastics, except as directed in treatment; he
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Minot and Sellards''' 4 have shown that negative serums exert an
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thyroid gland indicate that the most important change is a general
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43. Foster, N. : The Archives Int. Med., 1912, x, 415.
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respiratory and voice sounds and in places fine, moist rales. A diagnosis of
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derived in part from those already in the blood as large mononuclears and in
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accentuated, the liver enlarged and palpable and rales audible at the bases of
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should be rare. A pellagrous father, grandfather, aunt or unrelated
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tricle was normal in both cases. Tlie case of syphilitic affection was
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TABLE 13. — Urine Volume. Quoted from Rahel Hirsch (Oppenheimer) *
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tures. He gave an excellent account of the pulpy softenings of athe-
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reduced only from five to thirteen per cent. After the insomnia had
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ent in the right apex. The peribronchial lymph nodes are slightly enlarged and
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Pulsatilla pratensis (pulsatilla) : Pulsatilla is a very active depres-
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Thus, in those with only a moderately high diastolic pressure nephri-
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Heart and Auricular Fibrillation, Am. Jour. Med. Sc, 1907, cxxxiii, 66.
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was made to realize the conditions of the first method as closely as
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investigated by Charcot, Martins, Eulenburg, Kahler, and Cardew,
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The following table shows for various armies the number of admis-
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five recurrences. Her health has been improving since 1912. In 1911 she gave
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