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Firstly. That on a non-nitrogenous diet of fat, starch, and
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toms, followed by another accident a few weeks later.
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' William Hcaly. The Individuai DchnqucnL Boston, 1915.
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cord which supplies the lower extremities. Theoretically one may sup-
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For this reason, pertussis toxin has been designated by some
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Larynx;" "Choice of Anesthesia in the Extraction of Teeth;" "Treat-
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culty, owing to the comparative rarity of the disease and the diffi-
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with retraction of the testicle, a limping gait, flexed thigh, stooping posture,
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1. Diminution of the Pain following Operation. — However large the
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vogue of treating urethritis, I accordingly determined to begin with an
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