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The photographs and radiographs represent the objects at their natural size.
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the shape of the limb from the groin to the toes. It is provided
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Now I understand this to be the distinction between disten-
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Dose. — To check vomiting, from 20 to 30 drops of the fluid
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tion to the reading and discussion of papers, visits
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operating-table and by protecting exposed parts by the
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in consequence of collapse of the patient through dyspnoea and much hemorrhage,
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man. The neutrophiles as well as the eosinophiles are increased in numbers. The
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mend that should these members be called into active
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tion that three pints of normal salt solution were given intra-
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only in a plane at right angles to the floor, so that "falling" always
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364. — Thompson (E.A.) Carbolic acid in typhoid fever.
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State Medical Society today, to maintain a reasonable fee
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wish to bi siistrined hy the public, as IU)'anic physi-
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it should be in combination with calomel, in the proportion of
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an intimate way that he can feel free to discuss problems pertaining
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of the typhoid fever epidemic in the southwestern section of
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surface, and the fingers are markedly extended. Reduction of
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come under his observation; the evidence concerning the length of
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Sold in Stamped Boxes of 14 lbs. each, by the following Wholesale Druggists : —
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Paul Oliver, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery.
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Harnan. — In New Orleans, La., on Saturday, September
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the proportion of 1.850 parts per 1,000; the minimum of healthy blood
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cents per 100 pounds more than that kept at 60° F. As will be
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nosed. The condition of the kidneys in these cases will be discussed
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tions call for the same treatment as would any other similar
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of the disease the great bulk of the poison is really outside the
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On the morning of the day before his death he was sick and
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ficial as it is, will have to suffice. Those who wish to
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