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friction. Care, however, should be taken meanwhile to protect the
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brushed backwards. This vertically-elongated patch of hair is situated
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losis, either destroying the gland or implicating the adjoining tissues,
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J. D. Mann,' and yet the enormous amount inhaled, as I have
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especially useful. Such preparations as lo gr. of phenol bismuth or
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Lastly, in the two following cases, in which paralysis of the
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is long-standing abuse of alcoholic stimulants. It should be remem-
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matory. The degenerative forms are characterized by thickening and
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tent the manufacturer of such articles of consumption can be
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lower extremity on one side. In the face there will be an alteration in
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taste and nutritive value to any of the pemmicans which have hitherto
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9. Retention of Cortical Masses— TWis difficulty seems to
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lield in the Council Chamber at the Maisnn Dieu Hall, Dover, on Thurs
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a fixed sum, generally only a part of that paid by the mem-
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The larger sized grfinii'ar corpuscles frequently contained
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gravely diseased without inducing Addison's disease. Death may
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