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from the inside and the gastrojejunostomy enlarged.
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temperature on admission was 104°. He was given his second
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fer a lasting benefit on his less fortunate fellow-beings? He should
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Dr. Whitson maintains that the only method which holds out any
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hydrogen peroxide, and aluminum silicate eral symptoms marked. The younger pa-
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their investigations, it will be seen, on referring to the index, which is
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ministration of food ; yet the case terminated as have all cases of gastrotomy
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debilitation, the only remedy in our power is a nourishing and roborating
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This is written merely as a suggestion which some of the
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those of rotation, even in the intervals between the paroxysms, are pain-
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ments, is presented by the Board of Trade, this 21th day
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rating-table, are to be found in a shed where we display what
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face, and rapidly spreads over the entire body. It is com-
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fractures of this bone require immediate amputation. Surgeons of
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men discuss in general any particular feature or in general.
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ordinary standard; the moral and intellectual faculties are susceptible of
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tion of cases. II<' believed thai in the majority of instances the bladder
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Perry, of England; Ganwesky, of Westphalia; Maisonneuve, of Paris;
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After all, excess in diet is, usually, only another
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exhibit a certain fitness of organization, and a tendency to
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the organic condition of the tissues which they affect.
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of the stomach is prevented during life by the constant flow of alkaline blood
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have been taken seven or eight days. The woman returned
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used for the transfusion from carotid artery to external jugular vein.
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I did not believe it then, nor do I now. (But how these
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anxious countenance, small, quick pulse, disinclination to
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Franz, S. I. ; Handbook of Mental E.yamination Methods.
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mother that result from deformity of the child will be sur-
number of cases here presented that there is nothing pathognomonic
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symptoms are those characterising paralysis of the jaws, with
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pearance of patients who have died from cholera in its cold
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in the above few remarks, to show that the theory was not even
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is devoted to the manufacture and preparation of all their Medicines. The process is car-
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with colleagues, consultations, clinics, medical societies, and
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have a powerful effect on the myocardium at the cellular
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be lessened or removed. The brain and nervous centres, under
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of the priiiH- ilivisioiis coiiHiHts of tlic luaiii or voluntary
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average-sized district of 12,000 acres and 4000 population at this Male would