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no more of tbe case till be returns to his friends, recovered of bis

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doses, well diluted, after meals and at bedtime. — (7).

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and the animals must have satisfied the demands for energy during the

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these microorganisms w^ere always encountered in the greatest

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rior fiucicul us; no such result followed. The strongest and most extensive motions were,

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with hay; on the following day the paramoecium had divided twice and

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and the patients were allowed to go about the house, and even in the open

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of the cervix is followed by a retraction of its peripheral muscle fibres,

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Fortunately, there is no trouble now-a-days in finding

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and the London hospital." The only place from which a

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injury after penylpropanolamine ingestion. Br Heart J

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subjective sensations. Having reached a certain size, they cease to enlarge,

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be assumed to outlast several generations. The peculiar fact

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new force in the treatment of disease would allow of a more complete

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honors. He has left us, but we hope our loss will be his gain. The

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elements [sterigniala) , each of which gives rise to a chain of roundish

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and circulation. They consist in dulness, lassitude, loss of

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It may not be uncommon for metritis to exist, and for any secretion to be

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of the fluid extract may be given in a glass of hot lemonade about

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a persistent increase in the amount of urine secreted. Glycosuria, a sympto-

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great hospital, echoing tiie chiding remark made to

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14. The Etiology of Peripheral Paralysis of the Ulnar and

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The face and eyes are swollen and congested, the countenance denotes an-

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stance of the cord. The following experiment shows that they pass from the

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*Rokitaiisky: Pathological Anatomy, Sydenham Soc. edition, vol. iv, p. 96.

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So among animals, including the humau race, some dis-

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which he had performed on the lower extremity. Among them he

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GNP) each year on health care. This figure is expected to

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suffers secondarily and derivatively from the heart has, as far as

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kind (fig. 23) and applying it as here depicted (fig. 24), and

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calaratta Ann. di ottal , Pavia, 1886, xv, 544-549.—