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data in this case would seem to indicate that the trauma did exert

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men; the conviction turning upon the testimony of one o«f their

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chlorid. Therap. Monatsh., Berl., 1893, vii, 113-115.—

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curs, the material which is represented by the nitrogen of the tis-

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2. The rot is especially prevalent during the spring of the

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1 oz. Tr. or Apoth. equals 480 grains=l oz. li% dr. Av.

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the physician. Confidences concerning individual or

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organs of the human body ; " also a series of tables, printed in

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with the effect that the patient improved consider-

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strument for use in ectropion operations. Dr. Sweet ex-

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was involved in the growth. The kidneys were normal. The bone-marrow of

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parasite is easily recognized by the usually abundant amount of pig-

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which most of us live. included here. In connection with infantile

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usually larger than a tubercle, composed, at first, almost wholly of lymphoid

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these operations only two or three cases of small-pox oc-

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ischemic contracture (Volkmann). Atrophy of all muscles of

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end will prick more deeply and the constantly repeated wound

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complains of cardiac oppression and dyspno»a. Slight cou<»b

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Under the above name, v. Jaksch has described a type of infantile

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all causes registered in Waterford is from whooping-cough.

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particularly serious complication is manifested by fol-

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his famous and popular text-book ; the complimentary adjectives,

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the dejections. This was the only case in which this

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pyretic and antiparasitic in relapsing fever.) Vrach, St.

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source of discomfort, and even of danger, to the patient.

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that it could not be dissected away ■o'ithout cutting that viscus. A car-

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apposition, are retained by mechanical apparatus which varies in

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jaundice withal, unequivocal, yet not generally of a very deep hue.

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this functional disturbance are not always proportionate to the

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the silk-web, white-enamelled cylindrical catheters. They stand

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transparent epidermis with uncommon distinctness, and

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