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gestion of a moderate degree, produces somnolency, the intensity

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absurd to suppose that Medical men can fiod time to proselytise.

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in his letter. Had the matter remained where the Coroner's inquest

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nicity of the symptoms. The fever is slight, the pain is not severe,

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muscles during speech, and of the intense feeling of self-

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paralysis from contusion suggested. A displacement of

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The colotomy opening now appears in perfect condition and

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of arterial blood into the tissues are hastened. As

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Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention are justly due, and

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the sounds were intensified over the arch, and towards

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as pretty well indicative of what it would be, and the

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pretty definite coryza. The temperature is also as a rule slightly

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and in shape and relations it was certainly ver\^ like it. He

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all the therapeutic measures of any avail. Opium should be exhibited

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the living organism is transferred into a stimulus by which

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was entered. The opening was sufficiently enlarged to permit the index-finger to enter

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veins. The third case was that of a boy aged 8, who

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successfully it is necessary to give the adrenalin continuously in

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to one side. As I have already said, this case seems absolutely inexplic-

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nectes. Ibid., 1893, 9. s., v, 881.— Poiiclict (G.) Re-

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water, or with some cooling lotion, will be the only other applica-

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attributed to intercurrent pneumonia, and therefore

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" Lymphosarcomatosis, with Eecurrent Fever," and objected to

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at the present time. This awakening to the danger of

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or crystallized carbon. The morbid anatomy of the disease will be best

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more dangerous than amputation at the shoulder-joint,

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result of this or from snrinking of the chordae tendinae and

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present time, no one denies the feasibility of maintaining either

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tremely irregular shape of the ribs, and particularly the flatten-

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tions, hydrotherapy and doctor bills are extra. Special nursing in the Sanatorium can

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Dr. Addison, replying, pointed out that there were two cate-

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Society : — Angus Macdonald, M.B., F.R.C.S. Ed., 3 i Rutland

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