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the cicatrix, though primary union had taken place,
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light, sound and movement, and occasionally by vomit-
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On the lines traced by pressure the skin became rapidly
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reacted well, but were slightly larger than usual ; there was no vomiting.
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For boiUng, choose those that are not black-legged. Pick
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tinctly acid. It is filtered into small flasks of 100 to 200 c.c.
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reason. He rested ill at nights, and awoke unrefreshed His
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edly and suddenly, and occupied every portion of the surface
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vent metastases, instead of causing them, in carcinoma, though
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of several thousands, habitually live on a much smaller amount
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by being aerated with sterilized air. Such water can
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of the animal economy in such cases. May not this case be
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terior flap. The cord is now dissected loose and placed
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officer at Port Blair, Andaman Islands. He found 24 leprous convicts
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Albini (G ) Aleuiio ritipasioni .sulle scale tipogrnfiche
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heart ; but it is not easy to account for its presence there, nor
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eyes, feeling of fullness in the nostrils, dull pain in the forehead
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also the same cool feeling attacked the left upper lip
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suffer from neglect, I preferred discontinuing it altogether. In
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reward of scholarly accomplisliments, professional ability, useful-
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eases which have appeared in recent years in Germany and
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midnight, testified to the presence of marks of burning, but contradicted each
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simultaneously from the nose and mouth ; and death by suffocation may
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grees, and hyperphoria of four degrees. Glasses correcting the
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symptom indicative of approaching danger. No autopsy was permitted.
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named by its discoverer, Derosne, has been renamed by Palmer because it
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of the column, i. e., the supraspinal ligament, consisting of
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manner, and prolongs at the same time the vertical section of the capsule above
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enter into an examination of the attempted reply. Wermay remark, how-
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a lateral anastomosis, but the oedematous mesentery and rigid bowel
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made, the death of Mr. Robert Couper of Cathcart took
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contained pus cells, a few epithelial cells, but no elastic tissue, no