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we have every reason to suspect an abscess, before we operate, because

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proper ventilation and arrangements. * * * In dry seasons the mortality

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The salt solution is heated to 100° F., and then placed

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The small round cells are frequently increased in number.

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ment of the breasts, and the storing up of adipose tissue

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invocation of spirits. Keenly alive to the popular credulity,

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at over 120 F. ; but by virtue of the dryness of the atmosphere, the

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birds and reduced during the summer and fall by deaths and with-

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supposedly according to some of the external applications and other

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observations might throw more light upon the conditions already seen

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tribution of the blood is augmented by the pressure

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previously in an asylum. In this recent attack the symptoms were

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resorted to; should it fail to do so, it should then be taken into con-

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sary, per individual, was far less than at present. In

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beats are invigorated, the number and fullness of the respirations

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Another reform relates to cisterns. Nothing could well be

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subject of Medical Education, together with the resolutions just

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tem. In the first case (No. 1.5) there was a marked

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allowed to stare at a bright light. He should wear a veil if it is

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ing, or be made the object of surgical interference. This is carried out

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among tens of millions of our own name and nation, and among hundreds