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ERRATU.M. — On page 508, 4th line from bottom, the sentence should end after the word " process," and
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associated with gastric hypoacidity. On the contrary, it is
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No one has as yet discovered any changes in the sebaceous glands or
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It was certainly present, but curiously it seemed to be absent
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desirability of overcoming the element of fear. Dr. Franz Toerck
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2. You should commence the examination by feeling for the spot
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ducing treatment;" the second, "the period of supporting
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Nov. 4. Stump almost united ; no pain in the part ; the femoralliga-
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Anieiicaii Journal, and has been couducted by Dr. Issued its flrst number in 3820, and, after a brilliant
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think, been manifested daring the present ; from scarlet fever two years and a half
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accord, in their own dioceses, permission to practice medi-
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ring is usually closed excepting in the cases in which a
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The physiologic secretions, saliva, sweat, milk, and semen, do not convey the
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nor does it rise with the vapor of its chlorofonnic soIb-
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some time by the physician. Diphtheria infection during
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Lewis maintains his former views as to the importance of
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by the excessive secretion, unless the patient be carried off rapidly by some acute
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Caslaldi (R.) La retinite sifilitica e sua terapia. Riv.
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By order of the Prize Committee, David W. Cheever, M.D.,
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though they will carry it on to the next generation. In
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involved with the University of Florida Stereotactic Radiosurgery System.
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accepted, exophthalmic goiter is probably of thyroid origin and is dependent
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-till, 111 r,- ..! ih.- m.'iiihraiu'-. 'I'll,- \ mph, .,\ hi, h i- p..iirrd .,ul in .iiiaiilin .
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Immediately the uterus was drawn down, the circumcision
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tics and death reports, and we have found recorded in the last twenty-
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tribution" by L. L. McArthur. Some of these authors
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in the other case strabismus and convulsions. Both cases recov-
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Hepr. from : Pubb. d. r. 1st. di studi sup. ... in Firenze.
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experiences are afforded to every child within this state. In
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teration. In 1886 he was promoted to be chief of the Bureau of
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digest food impaired. In some cases there is almost entire loss of appe-
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in the inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane.
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be influenced by the eloquent appeal of M. Caseaux on behalf of the woman
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sible into the water-closet. If the pOts de chambre become soiled they should be
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Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Medicine, Hygiene, Dietetics, Pathology, Surgery,
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that the impulse does not reach the auricle or ventricle. Levine
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the spleen would rapidly diminish if the child could
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RatholoKy. — ^Apart from the cnmmoner kskxis described abovc^ iha
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d2_x = (float *) calloc(contour2_num_spline,sizeof(float));
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tection of his own interests, in addition to other considerations, will dictate a
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spermatozoa work their way upward against this cur-
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Dr. Armour took exception to a clause in which $317.00 had
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this form of arthritis. The hands, besides being alone
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the general practitioner in giving him a working insight into
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Posteriorly it is limited in the male by the crescentic
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products, similar to 18. wlncli by further-repeated binary fission produce