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on the abdomen, if they are not synchronous in action, — and this

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the following morning he was found quite paralysed on the right side,

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the eye to be operated upon, and secured there by a fric-

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accelerated in proportion to the respirations. Cough and expectoration

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fibrin-Jike material, which they describe in some of the ca'vaties in several

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which are specially prone to suffer. It is probable, however, that their

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morning and disappear at night, but generally it lasts a week, and

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use on any and all occasions, when he may be called upon to manage such cases. He

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ence conveyed by it, and not the fiber itself. Said

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hour, then cooled, when 10 c.c. of hydrogen peroxide are added and

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tion, and all the bodily functions, together with the mental i

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in contact with the aluminum. In addition to an inner

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as his present inaction is worse than African fever.

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the hypochondriacs] delusion is accompanied with more or less mental

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shadow (see Fig. 4). A possible source of fallacy must, however, be

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the sixteen ingredients which chemists find in the bile, biliverdine or colour-

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gradually be decomposed by the solution. I have tried seve-

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in these animals, however, as in diarrhoea, dysentery, and

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tion, and the pathogenic action on man, which we shall take up later.

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mation. Here all the conditions necessary had existed for

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man with whom we have often fished and conversed, whose ex-

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definite f>eriod if to the contents of the vessel there be

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own with her young vigorous sister, gained some advantages at the

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Unusual Case of Malignant Disease in Early Infant Life.

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at the apex. This patient has not had rheumatic fever.

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Mr. Merriwether moved that the original amendment lie upon the

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Science Monthly," December, 1H87), extend over a period