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and distinct violations of the letter and spirit of the

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jections are exceedingly valuable method of treatment.

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appears in the guinea-pig, or even in the human subject. The primary

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bringing this matter before the Government on the 7th of March last, the resolution passed

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process, and unless very marked, rarely causes much, if any,

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ending in recovery, convalescence becomes established after a duration

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especially valuable to the medical practitioner, inasmuch

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and the one needful factor, the knife, was rarely used.

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In tins class we will consider the following diseases : Pemphigus,

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1. — Bottini, of Turin, on Feb. 6, 1875, removed the

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ground ibr the opinion that the communicability is greater in this stage. The

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Editors: Moses Sing Sum Chow, Pharm.D. and Robert A. Quercia,

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The breeding and rearing of racers, hunters, and hacks,

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convenient receptacle. Messrs. Ferris & Co. are the manufacturers.

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and thus imposing a progressively increasing burden on the fit.

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sequently, no heredity in the sense applicable to higher

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dietetic indiscretions. This is the type described by Trous-

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which has been soaked In a 0.5 per cent alcoholic solution of

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inches long, and extending deeply. Blood was flowing freely,

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again become painful ; and in all cases where the pain depends

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A similar inoculation performed by Dr. Negri upon two boys had the result,

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sufficiently evident; what we have written in the various articles on

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the enpHule, wliieh lies mneli closer than nsiial to the rim of

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Philadelphia Hospital. — Dr. Henry W. Cattell has

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a laparotomy, for the abdominal scar was visible. Nothing

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Asn, R, Vasev, M.R.C.S.E., L-S-A., etc, has been appointed Assistant

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over the heart, and salicylate of sodium were to be recom-

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The cigar has burnt out and it is time to seek acquaintance

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sceptic — or something very near it — in medicine ;