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sufficient water to cover it ; bring it to a boil gradually, and
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present. The man was dying of hsemorrhage into the ventricles ; and
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There is no reason, he points out, why the auricular contraction should be
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1 . Let us inform the public, our patients, the true reason
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thyroid gland in an exophthalmic goitre case. Here, however, the result
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and afterwards mineral tonios, are to be given. In many cases,
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receptivity and natural quickness of the American mind,
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necessary to remove them by operation. Nelaton proposes to
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eighteen months had had epileptic fits, and in whom it was noticed that
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the face. The cranium preserves its normal size. The eyes, which are as
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during acute rheumatism lessens the liability to cardiac com-
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.syphilis has reference to cases treated during the past eight years.
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But our brave Kneipp may boast neither of much learning
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whatever and the estimation of urea is likewise unimportant.
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1. Bennett C. Vardiman J, Golomb H: Disseminated atypical mycobacterial
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trazodone side effects mayo clinic
Well known as the first and best in its class, and the STANDARD IN
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3. — Stapler mentions 4 cases from his private practice in
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treatment of phthisis hy inhalation, and yet it is a matter
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istence at all. I think there are about one-third of the entries
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difficult when lobar pneumonia complicates the early stages of
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venience till within the past year. Last summer had severe peritoni-
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and state medical organizations routinely appear before the legislative committees to testify regarding the upcoming
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Hackney, Ben H., Lucama, Tulane Univ., 1911 1911 1913
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On Sept. 8, 1916, a wide excision of the growth was
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Cold affusions, while not nearly so efBcacious in reducing the tempera-
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applying for treatment give a history of one or more nasal opera-
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objects of treatment. One of these objects is to carry the |mtient safely
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