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In the pale muscles, the transverse striation is much more distinct

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or less turgescence. Factitious urticaria can also be excited in nearly

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ments in favor of tlie contagiousness of the disease. The report of a

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has fastened its oily fangs on the medical profession. Some of the

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July 2oth. — Dr. D. J. Milton Miller had two cases,

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half inches in length, and extending to the trochanter. I lost sight of this patient, anttl I

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Christian Science." Kealizing that their interests are

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ging for relief from intensely painful mastoiditis. Examina-

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Royal Orthopiedic, 2 p.m. ; University College Hospital. 2 p.m. ; Royal

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of the serous membrane, and of the cellular tissue in the pelvis,

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stupor, etc., took the place of the hysterical symptoms,

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cataclysm." Furthermore, this strip of land bordering

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takes out much of the soluble coloring matter which the water may

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body, and the extremities, are covered with strong mustard paste, or

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In the South, infantile convulsions are especially fatal

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of the exercises are the prevention of congestive developments

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The governors of the London Fever Hospital are able to state that fever

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eminent provincial Physician, it discloses a good will for

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distinct danger of smallpox. In such cases it should be practised, and

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are diminished activity of the functions of the liver, skin and kidneys.

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Eraser, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., Edinburgh ; John Daniel Harnier,

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the past, but, -what is of more importance, is ready

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being no other indication of her intention, as was the case with

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a great degree, ascribable to a similar condition of

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to perceive the contact of hb feet with the floor, the feet seeming to rest on sand. There

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so-called carbuncles, red and subsequently necrotic patches

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a moment a gush followed ; he coughed up a large quantity, which

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gave 3,100,000 reds and 6,000 whites. The anemia almost dis-

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of the wound, and examined carefully all around the loins and back,

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Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, and Electrotlierapeutics,

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is slightly transmissible to horses, dogs, goats, and apes, but not to cats.

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the circulation of blood in the superficial part of the body,