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practice. For this purpose, a long quill, or a glass tube, eight or ten

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epigastrium, vomiting, great anxiety, high fever; later, there are

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brewery, where, instead of hops, some injurious substitute is not used.

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and their distinctive features pointed out. The author recommended the

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pressure to which the capillaries within the contracted muscles are

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Symptoms and Course. — The course of pulmonary consumption

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morous way, which always had a substratum of earnest, that every

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several cases during the epidemic of 1859, of persons who used

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were counted over and over again at each monthly or quar-

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using Dantec's technic have obtained the same culture from each case.

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Philippine superstitions of Chinese origin. What I have learned is as

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of any kind, except once a small abcess, was induced.

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power originally ascribed to it, which upon its introduction into prac-

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hypertrophy ; where the cavity of the heart is enlarged, excentrk

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pathogenen Schizomyceten. Ztschr. /. Thiermed., (1895), 21, 212-216.

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the peripheral ends of the nerves of taste, only very irritant substances

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parts only are affected, as, for instance, the papillary muscles. Accom-

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that it is a very frequent disease, and that in making a diagnosis we

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of the blood in the pulmonary circulation, to which I ascribed the infarc-

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malaria in this isolated and elevated region, but instead I encountered

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will recede when a forced expiration is made. In this respect, then,

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up to tliis very year, sought and found means to abolish artifi-

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ment, but when the collection of blood was considerable, and the tension

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med. Wchnsch., (1900), 26, Ver-Beil., 132.— f Zwei Falle von metastasirender

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fever, and beri-beri." What wonder that the mortality rates of natives

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authors designate it pharyngitis follioularis, because they consider that

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ment in pernicious fever (JFrerichs) ; finally, by destruction of the

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eters by means of the callipers, and to compare the results of the two

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Predisposition toward emphysema is sometimes congenital. It often

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and moisture of the mucous membranoe, which exist in oral catarrh,

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from all the lesions were black, with gray filamentous edges and con-

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on the health authorities and the Government. I believe in the Govern-

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prevent the spirit from escaping from the body. A colleague told me of a terrible

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and taking into consideration the reported findings at autopsy in many

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ing ourselves for the sake of apt illustration to this genus) de-