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halation of the dust of white lead, whilst chronic saturnine asthma
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useful to arouse a narcotized patient. For this purpose flagellations and
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greatest care is necessary in deciding as to the value of individual remedies. Having
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mch a recommendation. Davy's safety lamp effectually excludes the
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In the farther progress of the disease, other symptoms arise in virtue
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thoughts and actions, so that he is no longer able to control them through
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the heart. Since they produce no characteristic symptoms and demand
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be exhibited every two hours in dilute solution. Mild counter-irritation
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In washing out the bladder it is better never fully to distend the viscus ;
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boats, and the oceans and inland seas navigated by vessels of large
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DIAGNOSIS. The diagnosis is based upon the discovery of the eggs of
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that the current should be passed down the cord, others are equally posi-
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is attached by some writers to the distinction between systematized and
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cavities in the spinal cord, and by peculiar alterations in the sensibility,
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extremely infrequent. When present, they probably depend upon de-
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the facts just stated. In the ease of the medical gentleman men*
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inflammation, and recurring at irregular intervals.
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paroxysms are often provoked by an exposure, either locally or generally,
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This form of erysipelas is usually considered a surgical rather than a
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In measles the procedure we have described would produce an alter- .
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climb about the bed or over the person ; whilst voices of threatening,
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If the patient is willing to endure the local pain, the hypodermic
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lemon juice, may be of service in lessening the renal irritation.
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of the lung may take place in atelectasis from compression.
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times register themselves plainly on the dial-plate of character. Hence
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children, but abounds in dogs and cats, the embryos being harbored in
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serous pleurisy it is moderate in degree, but in suppurative pleurisy the
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MORBID ANATOMY. One or many abscesses are present in the kid-
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perhaps weakness. There is at first a profuse watery secretion from the
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titis, it may be of serious importance from its mechanical effects upon the
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the circulation nor arrests the heart's action. It is not, in fact, a
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DIAGNOSIS. The only difficulty connected with the diagnosis of neur-
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epigastric pain, persistent vomiting of blood, and a swollen and tender
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cardiac insufficiency, either gradually progressing from bad to worse or
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or elongated, and when multiple are likely to be faceted. The facets are
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Other terms which have been applied to this condition are ichthyosis,
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TREATMENT. The early symptoms and the lesions of acute peri-
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ning the symptoms are those of an ordinary cold, but in a short time a
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the epithelium of the convoluted tubules is associated. The remains of
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a portion of the milk, sometimes affords variety. Often when milk is
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plegia, local paralysis, and multiple paralysis may be due to lesions of