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cured, eleven are dead ! Of forty-three (45.') operated on since

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Case VI (Vol. LXXIV, Case 9773).— Female, aged fourteen years.

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and capable of supporting an independent existence; i. e. that its

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such good effects in dispersing inflammations of red parts, seem to possess very

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effusion and hepatic disease make their appearance, Mr. Mason con-

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ature rose from 105.8° to 107.2°. This patient also recovered.

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and clonus present on right side. Knee-jerks equal.

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^ery. — On the 5th of December, 1837, I was requested to visit George

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sis. You will find in various authors many instances of affections of the head,

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of 100 born in the summer, 83 lived more than a year.

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ulcer. Three of these cases, V, XV, and VIII were operated on,

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Abbott, A. C, antityphoid vaccination in the army, 465, 467

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natural limits. The danger incurred in these is proved by many-

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tuberculosis).. "Dissemination had taken place in most cases

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spinal marrow, or caries of the vertebrre. In the four first cases, the symp-

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into the abdomen, with the view of merely exciting the adhesive in-

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on the origin of these concretions. His results, taken in connexion

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ther appropriate for a few days, after which the patient can return to his

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advanced; extremities of fingers thickened; no oedema; strength so

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mained. On examination, I found that the bone had been broken very ob-

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1005, containing 2.2 gms. per liter of albumin (Tsuchiya). It contained

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pressing the most simple ideas; respiration very difficult; haemoptysis.

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the solids of the body, that some organs are supjilied wilii red blood, while others

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tinually receiving, through their nerves, from those larger masses of the ner-

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tripsy, are too obvious to require any comment. How futile do they

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happened more often in the very severe types. Nitrogen retention

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ters, and renal cavities, which have been already noticed. The eftects

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change. Regurgitation into the ventricle would produce dilatation and

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brunt of the lesions fall on the neurons of the central nervous

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is presented in the history of epidemic cholera, the visitations of which, in

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Since we have taken up the positive phase of ulcer it is wise

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taking suprax

permits experiments which indicate the exact manner in which