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not be roused, coma gradually deepened, though unassociated
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body itself. Examples of the former process are anthracosis, where
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Favorable results follow any number of successive years' treat-
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brought out a larger number than the society ever before as-
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(a) Citric acid 21 gm to 1,000 ml double distilled water.
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colored solute as the unknown in order to obtain accurate results ;
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thing is that four days later she had a third attack, but this
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a specific toxine which appeared to be an enzyme. Previously chemists had
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have been inserted. Notwithstanding all this, comparison with
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air-dried drop of the exudate on a slide. The laboratory
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variation is not a mere waxing and waning with respiration,
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c. Calculation. Grams of protein per liter of urine = ml of
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are as yet not satisfactorily explained, and it must suffice to state that the agglu-
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innumerable droplets of fat, the nucleus being obscured, although itself often
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determination of such cases by physical signs is sometimes difficult. In
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existence of marked typical clinical symptoms during life, must in any given
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ing, so well arranged, and each subject so clearly, though some-
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e. Color Filters. The effects of interfering colored material
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the patient should take. The basal metaboHc rate in this man
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During last year's epidemic of influenza, or catarrhal " pink eye,"
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They are gram-positive and nonmotile. The organisms may stain
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To be of diagnostic significance, there should be an increase in
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initial toxine immunity ; it is therefore much easier to establish a marked
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is habitually consumed. Stored milk, whether in the form of cream or
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saprophytes. In blood agar or liver agar, the colonies attain a fair
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nant cases. Feeling almost sure that the case was hopeless from
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amoeboid activity of the white corpuscles. Substances which paralyse the
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eggs exclusively. This was followed by a diet free from potatoes
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doth it profit ? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being
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but occasionally has shown slight elevation in the afternoon,
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surface. Peritoneal cavity not remarkable. Pleural cavities: