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tremulousness and peculiar aspect of the countenance,
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second stage is characterized by increase of intra-ocular tension and
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$25, skipped out ; A. McLeod, Owen Sound, no case ; A. P. Stirritt,
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I desire to call the attention of physicians to the use of Anazvme Uterine
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Opium Liniment (291) to the spine seem useful in the
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work, which shows that removal of the anterior lobe alone is fatal, excision of the
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peripheral vascular system is much larger than is commonly supposed,
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ing the legs. Warm drinks and warm injections must be given.
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are best held in place by hard-rubber splints, which must be made by
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lead him to destroy himself with drink. Neither is it in the self. What
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material he recommends a solution of celluloid and acetone
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The following gentlemen, having passed the requisite examinations,
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The Gymnosporidia, according to the classification of Labbe, are
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affects the upper, rarely the lower limbs, and is character-
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W' I ^Hl description of this form of cancer, which he quotes from Hanot and
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Massachusetts has a compulsory medical inspection law ; New Jersey has
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cine, Iowa City, in 1875, and a veteran of the Civil
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occasion with 10 grs. sulphate of quinine. He had excellent results
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patient has done very well, and made a good the face increased up to his death, which
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1866.] Kempster, Entero-Colitis, or Chronic Diarrhoea. 345
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the acid-alkali contrast. If the person has taken acid
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megaloblasts is rarely noted. In general the blood picture is that of a
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there seemed to recede so suddenly from the surface, deep down
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survived a few hours, would not give him a chance for life. I would take issue
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University of Toronto, Ontario, and came to Seattle from