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membrane on both tonsils. Dr. Frank reported Doeffler's bacilli in both
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whereas Hysteria, though it is sufficiently distressing, is attended,
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poisoning from imprudent external application of tobacco-
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narians now admit that the disease is spread by contagion.
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T. C. Finnell, Afred C. Post, John J. Mulhan, Willard
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were proven to be free from that organism by either incubating the
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Enlargement of the spleen is ordinarily evident by an increase in
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Col., has given some attention to this line of treatment, and read
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demonstrate clearly the cause of bowel-fixation and
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maro-in of the external os and on the anterior wall of the canal, the wall
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sac through which the blood going to the neck has been circulating. Strangely
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Various diseases of the nose, and in particular mucous polyps, deter-
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TabercnloBis of the Larynx. H. Schkidt. — Congestion of
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Chinook or Cowlitz grace. Another process is by means of a square
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many partners. Also, decisions regarding condom use
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The Medical College of Ohio has a class of about 120, and ber
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The series of 500 consecutive cases was divided into eight
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it appeared in London, and was minutely described by Dr. Morton.