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often a disproportionate amount of callus— results from tlie

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G. C, a carman, aged 45, was admitted on January 6th,

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sent — May 24th — there appears no sign of recurrence. On

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volatilised metal it may be, but, if not. it is oxide finely

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render the valves incompetent to close perfectly, but also to adhere

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taken. This often greatly relieves the headache, which it would not

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House Surgeon. Salary, £.^u per annum, furnished apartments,

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from the Parliamentary Bills Committee of the British Medical Associa-

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not usually require more than one practitioner to notify goes

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The last section deals with diseases of particular organs and

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of air is forcibly interrupted during expiration, and the longer the

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see by strict supervision that these regulationa are carried out*

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In some cases the disease seems to be limited first to the cervical

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day, increasing the dose by ^ gr. every day until the bowels become

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Deaths in the Profession Abroad. — Among the members

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In an article which I wrote some time ago, entitled "The Vagaries

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far as I know, did not regain it afterward. He, however, could read

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ganism I to 3 mnmi. in length and 5 to 8 mmm. in diameter. It does

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geon, but his name was struck off the Rcf/ister. He, nevertheless, con-

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pansibility, (3) its velocity, (4) the resistance of the textures

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manently relieved by the above doses of tincture of aconite, simply

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and rarely with a small amount of pus^ Then for a while there is

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your patient concerning operative interference will be con-

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Modern Microscopy. By M. I. Cross and M. J. Cole. London : Baillifere,

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words of Dr. Norman Moore : " The poor of London have for

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ish from capillary hemorrhage. A patient of mine once eiq>ectorated

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part there are several harder bodies, which may be the re-

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again during an exacerbation. The color of the eruption also varies,

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tube heated to redness in the flame of an alcohol lamp. If a large

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Mr. Wheelhouse, Sir Dyce Duckworth, Sir Walter Foster, Mr.

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left ovary, and tube. This was thought to be surely tuberculous, but