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use of snow water, was incorrect."* It would he useless to enumerate
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and sixty-three per cent, of these made a transition
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secrete hydropical fluids in abundance, and if this power of
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ing nor vomiting; throat universally red; tonsils enlarged, with
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HoG.AN. — In Oregon, Mo., on Wednesday, March 12th,
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of all epitheliomata and this is the reason it is the
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University for three years, and served as bacteriol-
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It is obvious that institutions capable of extending such
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experience leads me to place the fullest confidence in the che-
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"But, if it be ascertained that the morsel always rests upon the
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which, although temporarily baffled, must in the end succeed
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Sunday, and on Thursday, just one week after the injuiy, she
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of plants or trees that pollinate early in the year.
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— Five -American officers have received the British
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In regard to the fate of the transplant, a sufficient
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monia, dark in appearance, or, if confluent, appears
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tions a very remarkable case where the motions of the foetus
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P. 464, No. 150. In this case, the forceps was applied, but no force consis-
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I. Paul Reynier: Seance de la Societe de Cliirurgie, du
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In respect of the services of the medical profession to the
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diagnosticated. In this connection he refers only to
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as T can judge, to be ih." most philosophical that has been thought
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fact is lost sight of, that there is a great tendency
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would expect ; it seems to remain under the tissues
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In 1820, at the instance of the committee, my father, Dr.
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ism giving rise to the proteolysis is itself possessed
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appearance of the springs with those of Deota. The water ascends
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other of the left breast ; shewing that occasional variations are
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his restlessness, was perfectly willing to submit to
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studied rontgenologically in the majority of cases,
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classical ; bubbling and crackling rales were demon-
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picture is rather the exception. We must do it lest
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from them, such as impairment of sensation or motion or other
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in excellent condition, unless I let the interval be-
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the condition by local treatment, expectant treatment
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'Took exactly like plague) ; 3, Friedlander's capsu-
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questions of this character. It is probably true that a large ma-
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lateral tonsillar hypertrophy or round cell sarcoma.
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posed to it, will certainly manifest a Species of sub-inflamma-
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doing anything moi-e than to stop any ordinary haemorrhage, should
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the practitioner, imagining the child alive, from want of satis-
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repeatedly induced by the very same proceeding."") - — pp. 31, 32.
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