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ment to the pubic bone. The parts are reconstructed as follows :

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permit the fundus to be seen, there will be found in

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if the pains and sluggishness of the digestive faculties have not

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of this subject — the great centra] idea upon which is based

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Mr Startin's Method for the Prevention of Pitting in Small-Pox.

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doses recommended and employed by me and others, is r that the

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to the day before the present visit, when, while spending the

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The author of the article which we republished last month, says,

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The aponeurosis of the external oblique is now incised from

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used to sustain the patients flagging powers. She died twenty

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another form, for the purpose of forming " Brandy."

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ple benign type, due to the same microbes and toxines, only

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introduced into the mouth. The pulse was feeble, and varied from 120 to

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and a half inches longer. At this point the vessel resumed its

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the face and chest to the breeze (except in severe weather).

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delivery, wheu she was seized with a convulsion. Drs. Eve and

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may endure the loss of a leg, the stumps may be similar in

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posterior and anterior columns and the gray matter. This

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The pneumogastric nerve is not more involved in epilepsy than

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4th. It is therefore not true that insoluble preparations of iron

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From three to five respectable physicians had been lending their

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seat of the operation. Finding some incrustations about the

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eighteenth, Bergman and Hoffman experimented with, and

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discuss the question somewhat, shall proceed to notice the princi-

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the rubber tube is put upon the stretch, thus affording pressure of

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I know that by the publication of these cases I have laid myself

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effects upon the lungs; a larger amount of watery vapour will

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than I could have expected, as it was not one for which the nitric

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stimulus, and afterwards the depression — which thus reacts

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days in f fxvi. of diluted alcohol, shaking it occasionally, then filter and

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Porter, in consequence of the necessity of putting on the ligature

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two- thirds of the whole mass, "clearly demonstrated that it was

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higher than 140 strokes in the minute, and is nearly continuous,