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C. Summer, M.-Th., 9:00-11:00, Pearson; C. Winter, M., Tu., W., Th., 9:00-11:00,
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This preparation required under 2 and 3 can ordinarily be completed by the end
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the Eontgen ray, he succeeded in producing an experimental myelogenous
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citing cause of a purely psychical change in the person affected by the injury.
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Generally speaking, the whole conception of " reflex paralyses " is still far
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is soluble in fats. Narcotics and other symptomatic remedies may also be
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(Primary Lateral Sclerosis. Spastic Spinal Paralysis. Motor Tabes. Spasmodic Tabes Dorsalis)
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if they be considered of sufficient merit by the professors, he receives
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rifying delusions. In the agitated form (melancholia agitata) the patient is
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the different portions of the system may be affected in varying sequence, and
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Tl^ere are two examinations for tbe License : The first is on
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a little memory, recognizes his attendants, and has a little affection for them.
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have been obtained among many failures, so that we are justified in recom-
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special subjects, viz.. Pathological Anatomy and Histology, and Dis-
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ner in which this extension takes place determines the question whether a
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delivery temperature (under SO'' and also checK the temperature on each delivery.
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paralyses of the external ocular muscles also, the abducens or the inter-
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Mild cases recover. Nevertheless, a very grave prognosis should be made
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Hedioine under the first seotion, without having previously obtained the degree
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and tbe allied special subjects. Students wbo baye been successful in
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3. Clinical Courses at the Cook County Hospital. — Elective. Prerequisite: Courses
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1. Disturbances of Circulation. — Out knowledge as to the occurrence and
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tion at the clinic in'Leipsic, and gives a good representation of the charac-
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atypical from its incipiency, and the first manifestations may not be arthritic,
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. a. At least 5 cases frwn each lot^of 40ti cases or more will oe inspected fnor«t" .
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jsed less now than it was several years ago because it ofcntalns many kinds of
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* Eor fhofle who haT« oertifloates for two nmuzier seasions and one winter seadon and who hnvB
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grounds; iwwever, 4his slow process is not practical cowmer^iallV. Ttfblic
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tion, although this atrophy never goes beyond a certain degree. On the other
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As a rule, we distinguish four chief forms of the'lrypnotic state, which
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