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the cholera vibrios become non-motile and accumulate in little clumps. By
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which is added crude muriatic acid, one pound of former
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may be given in doses of 1 to 5 grains (0.0625 to 0.324 gm.). Codeine sul-
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precautions, in order to render it homogeneous. It is then thoroughly mixed
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Or, expressed in another way, for every 1000 men dying,
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from the United States by children who had scarlet fever on shipboard before
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relative amounts of specific and non-specific or common agglutinins may
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have a definite number of months for which they postpone
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tation, being therefore better omitted. Raw eggs, custards, scraped beef and
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gradually increasing to 1 to 50,000. The cystitis may prove very obstinate.
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toms are light and very varied. One or more lymphatic glands, the inguinal
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the udder in overcoming conjestion in this part ; and a pos-
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of the onset of peritonitis, nor does it necessarily mean any special intestinal
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out more thoroughly. In country practice and in many places hospitals are
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As regards gastro-intestinal disturbances, the studies of the Spanish-Amer-
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The influence of occupation upon the frequency of pneumonia is shown
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ment that the cause of certain diseases of unknown etiology has been dis-
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was slightly greater in the rural districts than in the cities (25.5 to 25.3).
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but the concensus of opinion seems to be that the infection comes by way of
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utilization, increase of uric acid, and free elimination of indoxyl. Thirteen
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opium. Rubbing with chloroform liniment has relieved the pains in the
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directly isolated from cholera dejecta without having undergone a ripening
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favored older rather than younger men, and felt that the
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not always an index of the gravity of the case, for there are
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normal outlines are distorted. The majority are densely packed with
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week of the disease. Considering the numbers of streptococci which are
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weeks after resolution, and terminated in recovery.
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The presence of a moderate amount of hypertrophy is only a
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as to escape detection. If the skin is thoroughly cleansed daily and oil or an
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vomiting occurred in a large number when we think how rare these are during
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statement is only an instance of attributing a certain symptom to the remedy
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Absolute cleanliness of body is essential. Special attention should be
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treatment of the disease there is no known method of estimating the quantity
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pneumonia caused by the diplococcus lanceolatus; and second, true plague
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the axillary folds, the contiguous portions of the arm, and the pectoralis
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nuria, or the same substances are excreted as albumoses or
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as those in class 2 , and I can see no reason why the same rule
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of the practitioner. The gums must be examined for ecchymoses, the bones
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paroxysms; the first of these is of short duration and foUo^^ed by a brief
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tubule plus twice the thickness of the epithelium. If there
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