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Hospital, I performed tracheotomy at the lowest available

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milk, etc., have not been considered ; this matter being held over for

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610 Kelley : Pediatrics; Past^ Present^ Prospective,

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Percivall describes inflammation, cancer, and rupture of

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Symptoms. — It is obvious that the conditions here described may

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condition remained during four to six weeks following the opera-

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Trichinae, discovery of, 190 ; Mr. Nunneley on, 252 ; Dr.

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July 2oth. — Dr. D. J. Milton Miller had two cases,

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treal M. J., 1889-90, xviii, 5-10.— Chibrcl. Du enrage an-

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worse, although he had not yet been able to dispense

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little easier; it should, however, be reserved for large cavities, the use of gutta-

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congested and enlarged ; sometimes, on the contrary, reduced in

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But if the diarrhoea be unchecked new infectious ma-

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lost to the great Medical School of Edinburgh. On tiie other hand,

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implications in and applications to diseased states

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tim^ a day, in the same manner ; that is, by applying a small

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But I had confidence in tlie ])lan which had proved already

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Menstrual, maternal, mammary, and emotional features in

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in utero for some weeks should present no difficulty.

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especially used to quiet the heart's action are digitalis and strophanthus.

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that she had heard so much about the torture received in

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mosaic of the chief speculations of ancient and modern times."

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Women who have been recently delivered are liable to sudden attacks, in

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B. B., set. 37, farmer, was admitted into hospital on the

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sular war, who gave the name of The Black Lion to the sloughing

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elicited. In contrast to the enormous head, the face looks unusually small,

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Alcohol, coffee, truffles, valerian, musk, turpentine, tar, the ethers,

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turbance of this balance between the loss and production of

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broken; the other form is minute and stellate. In this species

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Drowsiness and somnolency mark the supervention of the second stage.

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tique"for February 14th, Dr. A. Guillot, of Lisy-sur-Ourcq,

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Enghsh families, and as a result of this inquiry he says: "It now

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■ The partnership hitherto existing between Presley Blakiston and Kenneth


atmospheric mass, the barometric figues given above

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close watcliing of 5791 cases, in no one instance could a death be attributed to

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brandy every half hour till reaction. If uterine action, with bearing

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primary seat to the laminae of the feet, as explained by Professor