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11 between 40 and 50, by 13 between 50 and 60, by 15 between
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years, and it is not uncommon to find soldiers of sixteen years old.
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especially of dogs. The drug may be given in from 3 to 5 grain doses
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vessels, is reddened when this salt is added, conclude straightway
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In employing sulphur as a disinfectant, animals must
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State Societies, but they can never take the place nor materially de-
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effusions and renal dropsy, and in all three conditions it is
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stances, as albumin or iclithyocoUa. It is the addiug to any
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costal cartilages, when fractured, will sometimes, if not generally,
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Dose.—H. & C, 3ss.-i. (15.-30.); Sb. «fe Sw., 3ss.-L
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is formed outside the body by hydrocyanic acid when
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was that, Avhen the effect of the chloroform had partially subsided,
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passed on the deaths of Drs. Noah Martin, Campbell (late of the 16th
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blers of punch daily. The effect of these two directly opposite
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Dose.—B.., 3i.-ii. (4.-8.); C, 3 ii.-iv. (8.-15.); Sh., s ss.-i. (2.-4.);-
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the countenance exhibited extreme anxiety. A little brandy was
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involved in much obscurity. (We say ''partial" explanation, be-
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jects. A'ision has very gradually grown worse, especially since Sep-
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always the case when a bone is struck by a Minie ball. After the re-
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in the thicker roots, onh' in the layer near the bark; nearly
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Anthelmintic— B.. & C, 3 ii.-iv. (60.-120.); D., 3 ss.-iv.
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who vomited excessively, a mixture containing two drops of creasoto
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Under 5 vears of age, 43— Ijetwecn 5 and 20 years, 10— between 20 and 40 years. 19— be-
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tian ought to eat; but a soldier, who is not (by some) consi-
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The bark of Rhamnus Frangula Linne (nat. ord. Rham-
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melted; transparent in thin layers, completely amorphous,
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t'">9e state an hour after enterincr tlic sick bay, and remained wholly
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Berberine, calumbin and calumbic acid are all bitter, but
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Caffeine, Citrateof.— H., gr. 15-30 (gm. 1.-2.). D.,gr. 1-6 (gm. .06-.36).
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Oppolzer has acceded to the request of the Vienna students that his
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Tiitros-i, of nitrous ; cether, genitive mther-is, of ether. The
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loss of strength and nervous disturbances are likely to occur.
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terior and inffM-ior to it. The detached portions of bone, together with
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power of stimulating peristaltic action and expelling flatus.
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imagines that it was caused by pressure with a knife or some other
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tainly worthy of trial in veterinary medicine in this field,
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times in an hour, and nearly nine million times in a year, the bills