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protein foods were studied in like manner. It was found that such
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acid without effervescence. By quantitative analysis 1 it was determined that
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ment. By Surgeon-Col. W. F. Stevenson (Army Medical Staff). 8vo,
can short term prednisone use cause weight gain
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toms of encephalitis, or acute inflammation of the brain
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These several criticisms will require but a word of
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of the ulcer of the leg. In those cases where the skin is
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forced alimentation as a therapeutic agent. It is possible that the prac-
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trates the well known fact in the natural history of articular rheumatism,
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on the influence of influenza upon the female sexual organs. The
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tions, it does not spread to other members of a family.
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body fluid. Normally, if treated in time and correctly, sickness could
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of cases occurred about fifteen months after the commencement of
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The course is graded and extends over four years of nine month
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not been obtained with the higher doses of pollen nor in patients
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of Boston ; Browne, of Baltimore ; Byi'ord, of Chicago ;
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tuberculosis in the United States. Some of them are located with
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to rapid death with symptoms of mitral insufficiency.
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extensor proprius pollicis, the extensor longus di<>itorum, and
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