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and evanescent in their nature, although all of the exalted

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of an eighth of an inch, there ought not to be any se-

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counter-irritation and pressure as a means of averting

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The Roentgen examination of the mastoid process is valu-

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CELERINA and Aletris Cordial, equal parts, teaspoouful every four hours, is a most

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addressed, he turned his head around, but could not be induced to speak.

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tility is much enfeebled or abolished, but which respond to galvanism ; and,

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was put by trocar. This amount increased tlie diameter of the abdomen 1 cm.

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The size of the cavity began diminishing. April 1 7th

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Thorough ventilation is the only practicable means of dis-

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Temperature has been wholly banished in one case (Miss P.) and

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In the acute anasarca the feet and ankles are oedematous ; ge-

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posed to the action of a free acid, formed by decomposition of sacdia-

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by Ziilzer. Before death the whole body becomes black or of a leaden grey

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the axiomatic form in which his conclusions were originally

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relation of an excreted substance ;" or, in other words, every part

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the blood, and hence the value of alkaline remedies in certain cases.

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the effusion laige, inspection often reveals a distinct bulging of the

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Lingard found that the microscopic appearance of the flagellated

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Intestinal Perforation Following Typhoid Fever. 469

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everything that could be desired, and I think was in every sense preferable to

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the villi to the trunks of the lymphatic system. Whether each bundle forms a

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of Deini'lisliation of Miei-ose ,.]u.' SpeeimenS by the limc-ligut." Dr.

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Attention was drawn to the extreme diversity of opinion

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those of the Spinal Cord by W. J. Morton (N. Y.) and the Neu-

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— Wilson. On Morbid Changes in the Optic Nerve. (Dublin

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treatment by repeated hypodermic injections of morphia.

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convulsions, are common to many cerebral lesions, but there are others

prednisone 20mg reviews

your honorable board that it is the opinion of the members of

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fessional men which seem an opprobrium and a reproach to