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Report, left room for the death-rates of succeeding years to be filled in,

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found in the abdominal cavity, and evidently it had become de-

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which, under the mfluence of caseous matter, become transformed into lactic

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tice, and I do not care how eminent a man is in the profession, he has no right to sign a

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any one of them, not even in those cases where there

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term ' scrofolous ' is generally employed. It is taken for the most part to

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pain. The legs are often slightly swollen anil tender, and the

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temperature may not be elevated, or only for a short time at the outset

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But we shall speak of these cases in another place. Dr.

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The museum was opened to the public twice a week and

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more hyper trophied and may go on to elephantiasis of the* scrotum.

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For the treatment to be of any value it was seen that the

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gris mt'dical," has recovered from an attack of tlie cholera.

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Yer. V. Tbiiringen, 'Weimar, 1887, xvi, 4.55-405. — lia-

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I heard discussed very freely, not long ago, at the Jet

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days of Hippocrates till now, that meddlesome midwifery is bad.

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dence to support the charge) did not hesitate to under-

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fact that its eolor and consistence were al>out that of

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as to measure eight inches across. On being opened, it was found to contain two

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Donnelly, J., Charlotte, Univ. of X. C, 1905 1905 19] 8

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the financial stability you can depend on. Contact:

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h'brin formation; pneumococcemia; rust-colored sputum, with pre-

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become rarefied, and gradually the boundaries of the spaces are

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obstinate about this as they have been about employing clairvoyants in the

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was referred to me by Dr. J. C. A. for the relief of obstipation. For

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to be had from the disease in cattle is in milch cows, from the

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Remarks. — This was undoubtedly a case of suppurative pleuritis,

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Torpy in the seventies came from Green Bay, Wisconsin, practiced under the

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nal, and it should not be forgotten that it storing capillary circulation, normal glan-

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But this plan of campaign is ultimately a most disastrous one ''

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the sea ! and Britain's self dives down for ivhales and crocodiles !

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stream, using dry earth as a detergent ; they then return to the ward,