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Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station, gives a partial report upon
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ty to conceal it for the purpose of securing the prize. It matters
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tile force of 150 pounds before it would separate from the
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as possible. As each piece was tied it was cut off beyond the
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Horace also refers to his own faithful physicians, and to the doctor
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Besides the possession of general knowledge, the doctor should be
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age of the abdominal cavity is an expression of the present imperfect
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In the changes which occurred in the Medical Institution, connected
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be prevented by delaying the descent of the head until the soft parts
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evening of the first day and reach the maximum on the evening of the
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and, consequently, the hypothesis of innate ideas is devoid of
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time, clear and simple in arrangement. The convenience and
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*of the opposite toe and take into consideration the hypertrophy
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time of incubation is from ten to sixteen days. It is a highly
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bottom of a flask. The fleas burrow down into the sand and
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The parasitic nature of the leech is, as is well known, put to
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as is well known, occurs naturally without the use of elec-
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the sphincters, or by any sensory or trophic changes. The earliest pub-
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disease ; nor why half a family shoidd escape scarlet fever ; nor one bank
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wait and see whether any bad consequences were to result to the other indi-
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found that, as compared with a healthy boy, a choreic boy
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of the face and neck always occur along the line of
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to produce sleep, the patient can be given a full dose of
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diarrhoea, constipation, catarrhal gastritis, headache,
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You will observe that moderate exercise has caused a dilatation
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14. Infantile Paralysis. — Mr. Holmks Coote has published [Lancet, July
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The fatty liver cells may recover, and the dog which was kept
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elastic tube drawn tightly around the lower part of
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i», Holman's classification belong chiefly to the pyogenes
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that make all the trouble and do all the biting and sting-
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Forty-second Street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenues.
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which, after operative tneasures, patients have been
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of the question. The route is especially valuable for us occa-
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wide, and weighs from 3 to 6 ounces. It is placed transversely
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the corresponding committee of the annual convention of
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To avoid the danger of pressure of the forceps on the bladder