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heart is an enzyme, it should be affected by heat; while if it has a

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the floor. During the progress of these synii)t()ms a cachexia is developed

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other vaccinated animals with an agglutination of only 1 : 6,000, only

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The iluid in the sjjinal canal is always increased in amount ; it may be clear

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of pertussis, in a number of cases, and invariably with the most de*

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were from the south, and the sky was variable. On the 2d there

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A few rare cases are recorded where hydrocephalic subjects have lived

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pronounced proliferation of the cells, which transformed the entire

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all, that this index is a general, average, normal index, and no longer

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of infection even with doses large enough to insure the passage of

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aotamnal fevers which had fallen under their observation this season,

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moval into the country, it must be obvious, that the vitiated state of

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the result of profuse hemorrhage from wounds, accidents, during labor,

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than an embryo of the sixth week ; but the placenta or rather the

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tremities warm ; skin dry and harsh ; pulse 170, quite small ; respi-

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Normal thymus glands, excised before the treatment of the animals,

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usually fatal, but when complicating typhus and other fevers it is fre-

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4. Differentiate between subglenoid dislocation and

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Dr. C. A. Tattle presented the following amendments

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Cereiral thromii form in old age without cardiac or pulmonary disease,

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The Minth Mmth^ September. — The first twelve days were mild;

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Diminished consistence at the fundus of the stomach was more fre-

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Acute miliary tuberculosis. See Tuberculosis, acute

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Injection of Filtrate from Control Mixture of Agar and Physiological Salt Solution.

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1848. No number. of the American Journal cf Insanity ioLS been

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hideous aspect and mutilations caused by the disease, continued

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and since cultivation of the bacillus of leprosy has not yet been surely

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This picture undoubtedly presents certain points of resemblance to

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and canine (23.3) percentages. We must not, however, overvalue

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as to render superfluous the enactment of statutes to

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this alarm. The circular, after first dilating upon the

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by reading, writing, lecturing, and talking, that a physician is made,

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syphilis, chronic Bright's, and chronic alcoholismus as predisjDosing causes.

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ment, the power of producing in a normal animal a fall of arterial pres-

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their normal standard ; and moderate exercise should be taken daily in the

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ciety on the 1st instant, to be laid before the College of Physicians