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proposed by the various participants in this study. Also a
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claims lies in honest, open communication at all times, espe-
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bear. Fortunately, the difficulty is abolished, if the obser-
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is most likely to be spread. He had observed one case
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teen district inspectors, ten of whom must be skilful
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there was still hoarseness in speaking. On April 12th, the voice was still
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strong adhesions. With the removal of the tubes and
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administrative, should decide as the kind and quantity of food preserva-
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cavities of the heart were filled, as we afterwards
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Among the mgre important may be enumerated bronchitis and pneu-
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shown in the last figure, if allowed to run its own course,
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2d, in all likelihood there existed in his cases more or less active
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investigation, not to prevent excoriations, but to ascertain whether we
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the varied changes, incident to a state of virginity, and fruitful woman*
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louse is no more likely to find a fresh host than by remaining where it
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pale. The amount of free acid in it is diminished and so, it is alleged, are
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to cause the method to receive any wide application. Lately,
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and its practical application. Syst. Dis. Eye (Norris &
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half ounce made up for a woman, and she suffered several hours from
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Pa., aged fifty-eight. He was born in Canada, and was
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parts of alcohol ; very soluble in boiling water and in boiling
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The writers of original articles, who wish to avail themselves of reprints, will please
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improve. A close examination was made, and a swelling was found
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Obstet., vol. iv. p. 299. — Gebhard. Zeitschr. f. Geb. u. Gyn., Bd. xxxvii. p. 3. — Gusner.
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was 2,736, so that 5'1 per cent, of susceptibles were infected. The
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rogation — ^^ To what extent is smallpox capable of being transferred by
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before (by the way, coincident with scarlet fever in the family) and the breast
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seven weeks ending July 7th there have been over a hundred cases.
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west of Milwaukee, providing the ideal, restful country environ-
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Gall-stones, as shown by autopsy records, are of much
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sur quelques lesions infectieuses des muqucuses et de la peau. Journal d'Anatoniie
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Another prominent addition is the recognition of the thyroid
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is dulness over a very limited area. Relative dulness
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embryo rudiments of new senses. Although there are in reality but five
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changes. The dried material was extracted either with normal
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sclerosis. Of the secondary form, that consecutive to lateral sclerosis is
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parasite is entrenched in the tissues of the parenchy-
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ophthalmus, defective co-ordination of the movements of the eyeballs with those
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no one to leave in charge, the gas had become exhausted, and the face was a
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the head and face, and, although increased by external warmth and
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but as it is not wholly soluble in water, it requires straining.
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excessively prolonged sneezing (Brown-Sequard's and Mosler's
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becomes agonizing, and may last for a couple of days. In addition,
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active but neither tenacious nor persistent as is that of scarlet fever. The
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fn\V^?.^ the disease had a geographical distribution from Senegal
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if you only puncture them ; in this case it was punctured
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