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of the neck, such as are now considered to be due to

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and three quarters. This guinea-pig had received nearly eight fluid

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station "un saisissant spectacle, le depart des troupes pour la frontiere."

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the candidate who offers the best professional claims for the post. Such

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which, after some discussion, was adopted in the following form, after

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It remained standing for a few seconds, the hind limbs being

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dians ; and some members of position earnestly urged the Government

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readily be detected. After removing its lower third, one has only to

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myself whether published cases were not complications of hyper-

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Case 6. — Eight-year-old entire horse, brought to the College

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parrot, and in the expectorations of its owner. The owner told us

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except in the region served by the femoral nerve ; it was intact in the

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This will certify that ray son had suffered severely with scald head for seven

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The bacilH in the tubercles stain readily by Ehrlich's or Herman's

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varied in intensity from time to time. Occasionally there was cough-

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by taking away the Town Council representatives and adding four

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checked, and judge my surprise to see a discharge of worms, knotted together, some

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body, itself enclosed in a translucent fibrous ma«s.

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ness is less marked, and instead of occurring at every step may only

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influence on the local lesions, or on the development of disease. In

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cautiously in the m.atter; especially when we bear in mind the reply

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day, and Friday, the gth, 10th, nth, and I2th of August ne.\t.

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events, not be employed on the field of action, but only in the Lazarettos in the

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ease had run a very ordinar)' course. Dr. Wilks therefore advised his

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guinea-pigs with avian tuberculosis, found that death occurred in two

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cination Act. It is probable that, when this Act comes more fully into

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During the course of the disease the bronchial lymphatic glands

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