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Dr. Slocomb replied that he had treated a family of four or five per-
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of which it is either at once submitted to the action of the teeth, or is
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and from that time the foecal matter passed freely fnto the lower
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Bladder, and may be given from x. drops to xx. in a
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the society can be much better employed than in attacking it by such inert
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occasioned by his being run over by a hack, threatens to keep Dr. L.
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definition of the scarlatina maligna of authors, for a description of which
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and, finally, the smaller and more minute ramifications. When the
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plavix 75 mg picture of pill
One of the most common is determination of blood to the head, pro-
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• From the Medical Division, U. S. Army Base Hospital No. 5.
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most cases I was induced to think that it arose from impressions made
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in which in like manner are contained the Seed. ’
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being combined with those of delirium tremens. And so it was in this
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was first perceived his friend brought him home in a carriage ; and
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well-marked symptoms of gastric irritation arise during the course of
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the nostril. It was found impracticable, partly be -
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Now, what was the effect of the remedies employed ? Eirst to make
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cereus, which has blossomed before us while we were sitting here,
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or knowing his previous liistory, he would be greatly inclined to bleed
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Almighty Power, who has given Toil a Tranfcendent Portion of
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hospital for contagious diseases of some 250 beds. It was an army unit,
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not fail to visit ; Smith's pharmacy, which is a sort of headquarters
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fered from an acute attack of ophthalmia, which yielded readily to
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ing the dura matter was of a greenish colour, detached from the bone,
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Boericke and Tafel, successors to William Radde of New York, first
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cians. I know of no remark of his that called for anything but
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We shall more carefully review it in our next number.
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to follow an injury done to some branch of the dental nerve in drawing
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a long time. By the frequent and persisfent use of the persulphate
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nitre. In this way, by timely bleeding, aperients, sudorifics, and con-
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and disturb the action of any organ, as we often see it in typhoid
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when I was startled to find so umch of the intestine involved, and
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waved or/cut in on the edges, and of a dirty, mealy,
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Upon being asked whether he regarded the reports of the effects of
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we find it attended with many circumstances clearly denoting its origin
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no symptoms of anomalous character, or of a severity requiring very active
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wounded, these tumours frequently bleed to an alarming extent ; while