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of diluted sulphuric acid in the ordinary drink used, and another, qui-
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vent the killing of cows under 5 or 6 years old. We would like to
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Cerium — Chaulmugra-oil — Cimicifuga — Cinchona
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Definition. — By the term proffj-essive j^eriiicioKS anmmia is meant
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Medical Department a little while ago. We may, however,
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of the vessels become thinned and large goitres may compress the internal
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staining and cultivation of bacteria, inoculation of animals,
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at each inspiration to the whole body of residual air, and Dr.
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friends he found the testimony most conflicting. He
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tion to excite sympathetic infiammalion, should be re-
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children, but as the germ is carried to us chiefly in
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Dr. CcRTis thouglit that the statistics of gunshot injuries,
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Dr. MooRE — Yes ; by all means. I want to see this Council retained, because we have
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can usually be felt through the abdominal walls, enlarged and firmer.
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back in terror. It may lie more vague in character although definite in
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composed of vegetable mould, and having an impermeable
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proceeded with by prolonging the skin incision into the trache-
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account of its excitability to irritating material. Even by start-
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June 23— Colon Cancer Screening and Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
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and the injection is made by slow, steady pressure. The
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any from obtaining the practice which is essential to the accom-
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expectorating hepatic pus, an attempt should be made to find
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of determination used was that for noncoagulable nitrogen of Folin
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general condition remaining good. The discharge from the
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remarks on penetrating wounds of the lungs will be found m the Med. Times
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the statement that but twenty-one pages are occupied with
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able, this form of administration should be relied on, as it will
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surfaces, and give the gums a healthy massage. Keep the
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hinder him from repairini^ to the head- quarters of the depart-
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able aperture made in this viscus, and, in many subjects, this
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chitis, are to be resorted to, if the remedies just named fail of HU<
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different organizations, county. State, and national, professional and