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fever or spirocha^tosis icteroha^morrhagica and found that they were

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rhubarb with an alkali, the carb. sodse, for example, and an aromatic,

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at the same time, even where the greatest care has been taken, the nrine

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is infiltrated before tne internal tunic, an order of development characteristic

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twelve ounces, with marked improvement within forty-eight

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than it is possible for the enumerators to make. It is earnestly hoped

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9. A dividend of the profits shall be made semi-annually, and paid to

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couraging its members to vote for State Question No

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Although oil of turpentine is among the most certain remedies for

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general. The dog is no longer able to stand; weakness becomes more

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to a greater or smaller extent, in atrophy of the re-

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of sulphate of morphia at night, hypodermically, which

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floors of cars and vessels, and placement of disinfected cuspidors therein.

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turning with the head forward, a small bar with a comfortable head-

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temic disease. This opinion may be correct when api)lied to certain

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We are not aware of any authority for the word perls

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It not only covers the new U. S. P., as aforesaid (and the chief

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(7 round-cell, 3 spindle-cell, 3 lympho-, 2 angio-, 1 osteo-, and 1

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sis of malignant endocarditis, but, nevertheless, recovered.

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hood diseases; no chronic respiratory disease such as

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by Francis E. Anstie, Renal Affections by William Roberts, Asthma by Hvde Halter,

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part, unconnected witli sore throat or with albuminuria.

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hydrostatic dilator. Wait and watch. If the natural forces fail, employ

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In the present inquiry, therefore, where we wish strictly to con-

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Strive, reader, against the " greed of gold." It is a merciless tyrant, and in the

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handled. This substance has a very decided and clearly de-

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tion of a large proportion is death ; many cases may continue for years

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wheezing, and a distressing tightness about the chest. The

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M.D., F.R.C.S. Ed.. Obstetric Physician and Gynaecologist, Mater

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Professor of Ophthalmology in Kind's College, and OphUialmic Surgeon

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When such a foot is in use it is apparent that the deform-

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(he one that will beneflt you. Be satisfied when, after an

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