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was very restless, walking constantly about the ward, and obeying the calls of

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could only have been a modification of a much older method,

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vessels, or aneurisms, by throwing a current of electric-

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days of Hippocrates till now, that meddlesome midwifery is bad.

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Present condition. — Patient is an intelligent-looking boy,

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quired a surgeon, Mr. Lawrence was the aud we shall ne.xt crave attention to

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externally to the brain — between it and the cranium. Possibly

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a clean resection, and such a patieut will often get

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hours will convert a very uncomfortable individual to one

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further expelled by Bishop Cyril and driven into Persia. Other

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akad. sjukh. i Upsala (1892), 1893, no. 10, 1-44, 1 pi. Also :

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some not unnatural weakness before the heaped-up horrors of

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the great disturbance of soil in the cutting of canals and in the reclamation

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the same uses as the oil. Usually the pharmacopoeial

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complains of some weakness of the upper limbs with a slight general

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fessional interest are solicited. The editors are not responsible for the views of contributors.

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from the hair to different parts of the body. Especially to the

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and (ultimately) death, may be more or less clearly

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becomes necessary, therefore, to work out one by one the various

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as the effect of the opium passes away, and this con-

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several children rapidly, also in connection with an en-

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of two toothed plates which are applied to the sides of the ends

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criminating,) and approving, of course, of the bicarbonates

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tube, either by being pushed down and folded uj), or

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revision, and it all has been subjected to a rearrange-

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a simple i)rocePS, and one which could be used with-

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stomach and consists mainly of hydrochloric acid. The

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state the remedies recommended under Chronic Gastric Catarrh may be

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the accident or tell the patient how seriously he is hurt, but proceeil

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or by Buci an accident as that assigned by the accused. They had the appear.

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When pointed bodies are impacted the use of the coin-

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sists all our efforts, at others it shows a tendency to rapid

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and shirt-collar ; and cold applied to the head by means of