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The peristaltic waves from the stomach can be readily seen with a fluoroscope, according to these observers, when an animal is given a mixture of online bismuth.

In the meantime, the Medical Department of the Army has the perfected its machinery for weeding out these tuberculosis cases.

!n visible tuberculosis, as of the eye, pharynx, larynx, or mucous membrane, it has long been noticed that some hours after an injection of any of the tubercle mg bacilli products, in small doses, a congestion is always produced around the tubercles.

In the ordinary process of mastication foods do not remain "cats" long enough in the mouth to convert all the starch into sugar; but when the ferment is once introduced it goes on performing its peculiar work after the food has passed into the stomach Bcerhaave, in his Institutiones Medicinse, written move than one hundred and fifty years ago, tells us that, the ancient Sophi, or wise men, lived only by chewing their food, without swallowing any part of il.

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