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Meyer Fr. De tussi convulsiva dissertatio Lipsiae .
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in the treatment of morbid states of the organs within the
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TManal disturbances of varied origin may induce enfeeblement of the
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of pus from the anus Avhen his bowels were opened just after.
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in replacing thyroid function. The relation of thyroid activity
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observed with functional disturbances of the sympathetic system and
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been infused unusually rapidly and the respiratory movements became
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rested by milk and lime water and acetate of morphia. T p
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caution about drugs often seriously or fatally poison themselves and others
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intraepithelial neoplasia following lesbian sex. Obstet Gynecol
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finger. These spots are certainly characteristic of Typhoid
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cover a tumour mass of considerable firmness but not hard and the
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conclusion resulting from this fact is therefore that tlie evacuation
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out on any fixed plan but must fully recognize the individual
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brush. This method has been employed with success by Tar
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person should have the benefit of present medical knowledge. If this
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