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ferred. Therefore, the maximum rise in hemoglobin which could
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The first is one of poisoning by carbolic acid, probably the first on
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subcutaneous infusions of normal salt solution. One day after
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1868.] Notes on the Cholera Epidemic of 1865-66. 199
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tonsils are absent (removed); the uvula is absent (removed).
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cording to some, be in the neighbourhood of those parts which Dr.
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in accordance with the same laws as govern any other organ of
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tion also more active and conspicuous. So long as the vital powers are
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gummata. It has long been known that the Fallopian tubes of
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have the direct proofs of development of heat in non-contractile
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both direct and consensual, and the reactions to accommodation
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cylinders, present the most varied forms and most diverse
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precluded us from then noticing them, we gladly avail ourselves
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but to have a sufficiency to support, in comfortable circumstances, his wife and
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tory than to the physical examination. In taking the history
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of both visual fields, indicates that this patient is suffering from
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the tissue undergoing contraction, and the transverse striation
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can be clearly recognised, and have been figured by some
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On admission the face was flushed, the movements very trouble-
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muscles are fixed, nor is the demand on any particular one excessive ; the work-
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tice of masturbation. But not so with tin; male or female unpolluted by this secret
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severity of the heart's handicap. Besides these we must give the
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further, that the change in the parenchyma of organs thus affected,
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common events, and probably depend only upon profound anaemia