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microscope showed blood-corpuscles, granular masses,
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relief.*] Has had to sit up the whole of last 3 nights. TJnder
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tutions, and Churches of the City of New York. Sixth Edition.
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at the request of the Council of the College of Phy-
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had in fact a real sinusoidal curve with every alternate wave inverted
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Acute septic osteomyelitis may be distinguished by the fact
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the course of general paralysis of the insane, as an immediate sequence
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an annular fracture of the pelvis, very considerable
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training, that the true object of both eating and drinking is entirely lost
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system, never leaves it till life itself becomes extinct (Brtson,
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parasites in a large number of cases of pernicious fever, and then by
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granulations, and are united by deposits of new formation. Anchyloses by fu-
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tion of the duodenum, under the root of the mesentery, and the
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by persistent dietetic errors. The gastric functions are readily taken
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Differential Diagnosis of Diabetes. By Henry J. John, M.D. . 275
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acteristic, for no one would object to terming rheumatic an idiopathic,
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XV. — Six thousand nine hundred and seventy grammes of
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Case 2. — J. ]\I., ctt. 9 weeks. An ill-nourished illegitimate
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is easily noticed by the looker on. When that is the case, the patient
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those who were able to pay a fee commensurate with the
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Budapest, 1896, viii, pt. 4, 198-207. — TakahashI (D.)
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the prizes. We are assured that there is absolutely
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while they seldom or never occur in cases untreated or
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the less the danger from acute peritonitis." Indeed, he formed so favor-
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