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there is generally more or less atrophy of the muscles of the hand,
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prognosis — founded on a belief that the case was one of
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were discussing with animation the pathological problems of the
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this time the daily discharge had decreased a little, but amounted still to about a table-
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He also noticed that persons most frequently affected were
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[animation, abraded in patches, softened, and broken down. Some spots
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school in rejecting the remedy as dangerous and deceptive in every variety
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tlie third time, and in ]\IarclK Di-. Sands, under whose
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temperature and the activity of the organic actions.
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rarily dressed, awaiting the morrow for operative atten-
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and sexually. He is subject to the same laws of propa-
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breathers, for the desiccation of the mouth which takes place in them
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wards, and the youngest child was found in a state of collapse, almost insen-
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true carcinomata, the clinical evidence being, perhaps,
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carried out. No sputum should be said to be free from tubercle bacilli
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the ethmoid region of the nose and asthma; treatment.
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of Greek and Arabic writings, often made verbatim and
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general health must be remedied by attention to indigestion, constipation,
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Co-sponsored by the Medical Society of the District of Columbia
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for us. As members of hospital medical staffs, it is time now to look into our own
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stated that the base of the nail lay above the level of the knuckle,
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many substitutes, whose effects are equally certain and far less dangerous.
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the opposite side. The oblique lateral view avoided the oppo-
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humors which have been expelled by internal organs, upon those organ?
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amorphous matter. 1st, Induration of the brain consists of an albumin-
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aroused to take medicine unless the medical officer has specially
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because the relative stasis of blood within these lesions
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live here than anywhere in the world, but I find a more Southern
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numbers in the vessels of the inflamed part in close contact with
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a rose-colored view of the future of the palate-myograph,
ondansetron 4 mg while pregnant
all diminish, even to vanishing point. As regards prognosis and treatment
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Tendeloo on Emphysema. 1 In this I was disappointed, as there
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wine and opium are occasionally the best remedies, with a view of