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fully. In the course of this review we have so frequently contrasted the

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Cohen holds that quinine and urea hydrochloride controls malarial infection

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and value. We can heartily recommend its perusal by any one

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Symptoms. — Introduction. — The manifestations have an almost infinite

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charged with having caused the death of his wife by kicking her

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attention to the needs of the medical services of the

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cellular elements, and does not consist of fibrin or lymph. These cellular

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cation of nurses, medical staff problems, food cost con-

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just indicated. They receive the product in the form of bales, or in

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expanding the chtst. Tlure is often paralysis of the trapezius

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by unexpectedly giving a gentle pull at the patient's dress when she was

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stamps had been cancelled. The wrapper when returned

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Origin of Sugar in the Animal Economy," published in Brown-

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that the exudation produced a new formation of cartilage,

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said, •' Retard the expulsion <>f the head." All

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gauze wound around the ends of the rod. The rod is left in

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paratively small proportion of cases, including those in

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thickened and adherentto the convolutions; not flrmlyadherent,

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tiful chapel for the use of Bellevue patients. These

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fifty years ago, has proved one of the most interesting in the whole

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articuli, strumous affection of joints (English), in

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of the effects of their instructions, and are only jealous

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therefore, be informed, that such an instrument has been inserted ; and she should

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corps of the Army Medical Service. Some variation exists, how-

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light, sound and movement, and occasionally by vomit-

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to prevent putrefaction in an open wound. Therefore it appears certain

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should like to know what is the explanation, or whether any other experiments

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The temptation'to the use of the electro-cautery has been specially alluring.

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ited a more or less coincident involvement of the two organs,

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uncovered, such as the face, neck, and arms. The lesion is usually single,

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1890 Bbadford, John Rose, M.l)., F.R.S., 8, Manchester Square, "W.

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with the facts — too great a readiness to accept the position of