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Microscopically, a considerable number of pycnotic cells were found in these
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holm, 23 ; Christiania, 31; St. Petersburg, 27; Berlin,
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fonr to thirty six bonis; I believe it is the duty of the surgeon to give
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Conilaniiu (R.) Traitement des flstules recto-vaginales
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thing could not be done to have this matter brought
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ponds to the curve of the gingival border, has been observed
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different origin from adipose hypertrophy of the heart, in
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The patient came in covered from head to foot with the
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rich Children's Hospital in Berlin, in the Berliner.
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symptoms, due to disease of the motor nuclei in the medulla oblongata.
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The work in library readings will be of great help to our teachers as it is one
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to empty the distended ureter and coincidently, it may be, to dislodge the
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specific treatment in a case unless sensitive to cooked milk, egg,
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"Zona," Diet, encyclop. des sci. midie. — 5. Mackenzie. Journal of Pathology.
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follows: 1. Toxemia of pregnancy is a complex condition de-
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followed by a mild aperient, yet I believe I never saw it answer in the
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ble time in a condition of extreme cold. The bacilli of typhoid
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patients will not be concerned and will not question as to how much
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which urgently demands the cooperation of civil au-
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tient, however, by nutritious enemata (F. It, 18), than by
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At the same time and for the same reason that there
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In 1865 Wagner published* his study of forty-eight cases
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the numbers present who are as familiar with the topics
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tion, Diathesis and Dyscrasia.— Cotton ^ states that the eye
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this system in formulating reimbursement rates under
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character whatsoever is contrary to the ethics of our professiot
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A. Jones, S. C. ; Capt. David H. Webster, M. R. C. ; Lieut. Grover C.
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that is to say, extending in two directions, producing a sur-
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end of the first 24 hoiirs of the disease. Calomel, ^ grain every hour
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Clauses 46, 47, and 48 were respectively agreed to.
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ters which accompany them, nearly always disposed in undulating lay-
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dicines and means which had been employea, Dr Maclean united
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projection was fair in each eye, the peripheral field being defective.
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ment. The teeth were not notched. There was no syphilitic history.
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almost entirely absorbed with pus exudate. Street dogs