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adopted by Kolliker. As is well kno\vn, this was to the effect that all

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A study of these cases leads him to the following conclusions : —

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of it in but 13. This coincides with our experience also, for we have

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Rii-ptured Vterus. — K. T., aged twenty-eight years, 3-para.

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gular branched stem. The leaves are opposite, ovate

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The occurrence of hepatic abscess has been viewed as a result

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Synonyms. — Ixodes sanguineus Latreille 1804, /. rufus Koch

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takes a broader view of the case and considers the comi)lex and mul-

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lowing questions : the working of public provident dis-

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treatment of their preachers ; what kind of sermons they like best ; connection

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' 'h-'udtu^al chara>ter. re^en.l.le tho-e ot Strrpt.cocna py,K^>.rs, hut

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Prof. Fitch, who was received with applause, said:, Mr.

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breathing is hard, with a snorting sound. Comes on sometimes

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had been offered respecting the anatomy of the toes and hands, and

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not forget what you tell them, and the more they realize their

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he recommends large doses of calomel and muriatic acid,

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disease.'’^ However, these symptoms appear to be of a

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Tarso-metatarsal. — The three cuneiform bones and the cuboid join

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nodules have been of a red color. The affection is usually seated in

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others, and the pain in the act of suckling has pre-

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inflated. In consequence of some suspicion respecting the cause of death, the

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included as applicable. An estimate of patient evacuation require-

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tance of recognizing tuberculosis in just these early be-

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spleen and liver, light-colored.fieces, urine of an intense yellow color

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years of age who had titers of 320, 80, and 20. These

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represent the per cent at all intervening times. The basis of judg-

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animals to inhale the . expired air of those suffering from the

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interest in a new aspect of the problem, which I hope will prove of

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I have two cases bearing upon this subject which, it

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portion of the bony framework of the nose is involved ? Does

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treatment. So far as there is a general cachexia in cither case, tonics and

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teristics of a foetal head. Its size was that of the head of a oliild

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Chvostek phenomena, significance of, in internal medicine, 278

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was able to be u]i an«l to walk by the assistance of a

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laxity of the abdominal walls. A contributory cause is found in the bruised

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doses of aconite, or oil and calomel. Hot fomentations,

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"Intermittent Fasting. — If glycosuria persists at the end of four days,